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    The gluten-free aspect of cider is important to many consumers, said Leah McGrath, dietician for the Ingles stores. "There has been a huge increase in the awareness of gluten-free products." Some consumers "feel safe having something like a hard cider as an alternative to a beer."   Among them are Josie Mielke, owner ... [Read more]

As the summer continues to heat up, maybe you’re looking for some place to cool down and find a refreshing drink. Vanessa de la Vina gives us a look at The Urban Orchard Cider Co. in Asheville. They’re having a huge 2-year anniversary party on October 31st complete with live entertainment and lots of fun. ... [Read more]

  Special Report Video: The New Brew A new type of brew is growing roots in the mountains, and it may be even more at home than beer. Cider is the fastest-growing sector of the alcoholic beverage market, according to numerous industry reports. And the large, mass-marketed cider producers in the US are quickly gaining ... [Read more]

Back at Urban Orchard Cider Co in Asheville, truly the best cider in the area if not the world, is their Sweet English. I am reliably informed it will be available in cans very soon but there is corrosion testing that needs to be carried out. Corrosion gets everywhere, if only we knew how to ... [Read more]

  The glowing warmth and friendly atmosphere of Urban Orchards offers respite from dreary winter evenings. At this West Asheville cider house and eatery, the rotating ciders are as delicious as they are innovative, from the habanero and vanilla infused Cidre de Diablo to sweet potato hot cider with cinnamon and nutmeg—served with a toasted ... [Read more]

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Asheville, NC Extreme elevations and more than 100 species of deciduous trees give the Blue Ridge Mountains one of the most vibrant leaf seasons worldwide. For a novel perspective, try Asheville’s newest canopy tour adventure, a mountaintop thrill ride 350 feet above the forest. Other area adventures include biking, hot-air ballooning, and river floating trips ... [Read more]

ASHEVILLE – Josie Mielke had a good feeling about her business plan for Urban Orchard Cider Company when the family-owned operation opened not quite a year ago. ...But with an entire family depending on Urban Orchard's success — Mielke and her husband, parents and two brothers — she hoped growth would come quickly. "We definitely ... [Read more]

Urban Orchard is Beer City USA’s most unique drinking establishment. Dozens of places in town offered fantastic craft beers and great local wine, but there are scant few cider bars in the nation and no others like it in North Carolina. This was a first for both of us. > I’m not going to lie, ... [Read more]

We love cider…good cider that is. Especially the fun, interesting and experimental kind we found at Urban Orchard. Not much beats a nice crisp, cold and just ever so slightly sweet cider on a hot day. And considering cider used to be more common than wine, we’re obviously not the only ones that think so. ... [Read more]

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