Eat Sweet:  A Roundup of Asheville’s Holiday-Inspired Treats post image

Photography: Jeff Anderson

    Even if you have to buy your own, handmade seasonal sweets are a gift from the artisans who create them. Here’s a roundup of some of the holiday-inspired flavors available in Asheville this winter.   Urban Orchard Cider Co. Cider, as it turns out, plays well with chocolate. Accordingly, Urban Orchard recently teamed ... [Read more]

An Apple Tree Grows in Asheville: Our State Magazine, The Best of North Carolina post image

Photography by Emily Chaplin

    In Beer City USA, Urban Orchard Cider Company offers an unexpected alternative.   by GRAHAM AVERILL There’s something odd about the portraits lining the wall behind the bar at Asheville’s Urban Orchard. The subjects in the paintings are familiar — famous historical figures like George Washington and Napoleon Bonaparte — but the faces ... [Read more]

Local Cider Scene is RED HOT! post image

Credit: William Woody

    The gluten-free aspect of cider is important to many consumers, said Leah McGrath, dietician for the Ingles stores. "There has been a huge increase in the awareness of gluten-free products." Some consumers "feel safe having something like a hard cider as an alternative to a beer."   Among them are Josie Mielke, owner ... [Read more]

Asheville’s Beer Alternative post image

Giving Thanks to the Cider Gods

As the summer continues to heat up, maybe you’re looking for some place to cool down and find a refreshing drink. Vanessa de la Vina gives us a look at The Urban Orchard Cider Co. in Asheville. They’re having a huge 2-year anniversary party on October 31st complete with live entertainment and lots of fun. ... [Read more]

Foodtopia, Asheville post image

Asheville-made Craft Cider

The first time Josie Mielke tried hard cider in 2005, she had no idea how much it would matter to her one day. "I really did not like it," she recalls, laughing. "Back then, basically all you could get were really commercial ciders with a lot of high fructose corn syrup." But her husband convinced ... [Read more]

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