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On Tap at South Slope Tasting Room

    • On Tap at South

      All Urban Orchard Ciders are aged at a minimum of 8 months, crafted from Hendersonville, NC apples, and utilize a variety of yeasts to give each cider a unique flavor profile.

    • Tainted Love

      Semi-Sweet | Raspberry | 6.0% ABV

    • Dry Ridge

      Semi-Dry | Green apple and tropical fruit notes | 6.5% ABV

    • Sweet English

      Semi-Sweet | Traditional, unfiltered, all apple | 6.0% ABV

    • Ginger Campaign

      Semi-Dry | Effervescent, infused w/ ginger, crisp | 6.5% ABV

    • Sidra Del Diablo

      Semi-Sweet | Fresh habanero & vanilla, creeper spice | 6.0% ABV

    • Arid Apple

      Bone Dry |  6.9% ABV | A classic hard cider, white wine yeast, simply complex.

    • Boys of Summer

      Forth of July Special Release!  Semi-Sweet | Fresh watermelon with a minty finish. | 6.0% ABV

    • Hopped

      Bone Dry | Dry hopped with a rotating selection of hops.  Can range from tart, citrusy, and aromatic to floral, piney, earthy, and tropical fruits.  Ask your bartender about our current offering.| 6.9% ABV

    • Glass Shark

      Medium Dry | Infused with European Cucumber slices with a hint of peach.  Refreshing | 5% ABV

    • The Long Night

      Dry | Cold fermented on Cedar Grove Organic Blueberries with a White Labs Lagering Yeast. Aged for an additional two months. Slight funk on the nose with a clean blueberry finish. | 6.9% ABV

    • Hopaleño

      Dry | Dry-hopped with Citra Hops and infused with jalapeños.  Clean green pepper aroma, little to no spice, grapefruit finish | 6.9% ABV

    • Stone Phoenix

      Medium Dry | 6.9% ABV | Lagering yeast, apricot, and phoenix hops.

    • Buffalo Stance

      Dry to Bone Dry | Unfiltered, toasted coriander, fresh squeezed Valencia Orange Juice, suspended Wit Yeast | 6.9% ABV

    • Punch Dance

      Dry | Collaboration with White Labs and Bhramari Brewing. A mixed-culture cider with fermented with Pluots (75% plum & 25% apricot fruit hybrid) and a Saccharomyces Bruxellensis Trois yeast. Tart, slight funk, fruity. | 6.9% ABV

    • Covfefe

      Dry | Collaboration cider with Last Dance Cold Brew.  Coffee infused cider with a hint of vanilla and chocolate to round it out. Served on Nitro. | 6.9% ABV.

    • Fuego en el Corazon

      Medium sweet| A one off of Bizarre Love Triangle. French Broad Chocolates Cacao Nibs, strawberries, dried pasilla and fresh scorpion peppers. It will start a fire in your heart!| 6% ABV

    • Bizarre Love Triangle

      | Medium-Dry | Our take on chocolate covered strawberries. FBCL Cacao nibs, dark amber complexion, strawberry puree | 6.9% ABV

    • April Skies

      Semi-Sweet | Tropical pineapple with subtle lavender aromatics | 6.9% ABV

    • Disco Tea

      Dry | Infusion of juniper berries, light lavender, star anise, and lemon zest. Bontanical. | 6.9% ABV

    • Bananahemian Rhapsody

      Medium Dry | Our take on Bananas Foster in a cider. This cider is aged on used oak spirals from H&H Distillery's Rum and then infused with flambéed bananas. The sale of this cider benefits Asheville Music School. | 6.9% ABV

    • Mango Habanero

      Medium Dry |  White Labs lagering yeast, light mango with a tinge of spice from deseeded habanero peppers.|  6% ABV


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