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Cider Library

This is a list of all of our ciders that we make.  To see what we currently have available in our tasting rooms please see our "On Tap" sections.

    • Flagships

      Our flagship ciders

    • Dry Ridge

      Semi-Dry | Green apple and tropical fruit notes | 6.5% ABV

    • Ginger Campaign

      Semi-Dry | Effervescent, infused w/ ginger, crisp | 6.5% ABV

    • Sweet English

      Semi-Sweet | Traditional, unfiltered, all apple | 6.0% ABV

    • Lager Series

      Lagering Yeast, 4 month cold fermentation

    • Blue Moon Rizin'

      5.5% ABV | Lagered for 3 months with Oktoberfest Lagering yeast on crushed whole Cedar Grove Organic blueberries. Crisp, fruity, medium dry.

    • Bonzai!

      Bone Dry | Infused with whole juniper berries | 6.9% ABV

    • Marzen

      Bone Dry | Light and tart, bold apple flavor | 6.9%

    • The Long Night

      Dry | Cold fermented on Cedar Grove Organic Blueberries with a White Labs Lagering Yeast. Aged for an additional two months. Slight funk on the nose with a clean blueberry finish. | 6.9% ABV

    • Urban Bramble

      6% ABV | Lagered for 3 months with Oktoberfest Lagering yeast on whole blackberries. Crisp, fruity, medium dry.

    • Dry Hopped Series

      Sour, aromatic, citrus or floral notes

    • Blackberry Hopped

      Semi-sweet| Citra hopped blackberry cider| 6.5% ABV

    • Cranberry Hopped

      Dry | Cider infused w/ cranberry and dry hopped with Citras. Bold, tart, and citrusy with a beautiful red hue | 6.9% ABV

    • Elderberry Hopped

      Semi-sweet| Citra hopped elderberry cider| 6.5% ABV

    • Hop Jam

      Medium Sweet | Strawberry, Kiwi and Citra Hops. | 6.7% ABV

    • Hopped

      Bone Dry | Dry hopped with a rotating selection of hops.  Can range from tart, citrusy, and aromatic to floral, piney, earthy, and tropical fruits.  Ask your bartender about our current offering.| 6.9% ABV

    • Raspberry Hopped

      Semi-sweet | Sorachi Ace hopped raspberry cider.| 6.5% ABV

    • Stone Phoenix

      Medium Dry | 6.9% ABV | Lagering yeast, apricot, and phoenix hops.

    • Watermelon Hopped

      Med-Dry | Watermelon & Citra Hops | 6.4% ABV

    • Wet Hopped

      Dry |  Wet hopped with organic Cascade Hops cultivated in resident rockstar Brad Foster's garden, just a hop, skip and a jump away!  Hint of melon.  | 6.9% ABV

    • Chili Series

      Smokin’ J’s chili infusions w/complimenting geographical ingredients

    • Femme Fatalii

      Semi-Dry | Fresh African Fatalii Peppers, cardamom, cold pressed blueberry juice| 6.5% ABV

    • Fit to be Thai'd

      Medium Sweet | Red Thai Chilies, local wildflower honey, and a hint of pineapple | 6.9%

    • Fuego en el Corazon

      Medium sweet| A one off of Bizarre Love Triangle. French Broad Chocolates Cacao Nibs, strawberries, dried pasilla and fresh scorpion peppers. It will start a fire in your heart!| 6% ABV

    • Hopaleño

      Dry | Dry-hopped with Citra Hops and infused with jalapeños.  Clean green pepper aroma, little to no spice, grapefruit finish | 6.9% ABV

    • Lemon Drop

      Semi-Dry | Fresh Lemon Drop Peppers, lightly sweetened w/local honey, and locally foraged honeysuckle.  | 6.9% ABV

    • Mango Habanero

      Medium Dry |  White Labs lagering yeast, light mango with a tinge of spice from deseeded habanero peppers.|  6% ABV

    • Passive Pasilla

      Dry | Cocoa Nibs and dried Mexican Pasilla peppers, light spice w/ tobacco finish and dark chocolate to the nose | 6.9% ABV

    • Scorpion King

      Semi-Sweet | Hottest pepper, 2.2M Scoville Units, VERY spicy but balanced with sweet| 6.0% ABV

    • Sidra Del Diablo

      Semi-Sweet | Fresh habanero & vanilla, creeper spice | 6.0% ABV

    • Swiftly Sweeping

      "Like nobody's ever seen anything happen." | Medium Sweet |  Blueberry, mango, and deseeded habaneros. | 6.5% ABV

    • Blue Dream Collaborations

      Collaboration ciders with Blue Dream Curry. All recipes are inspired from recipes in Asian cuisine.

    • Ewha's Dream

      Medium Dry | A collaboration with Blue Dream Curry for their 2nd Anniversary.  Asian Pears, Fresh Ginger, and Chinese Five Spice (a blend of cinnamon, cloves, fennel, star anise, and Sichuan peppercorns).| 6.5% ABV

    • Ramasoon's Dream

      Medium Dry  |  A collaboration with Blue Dream Curry House, this cider is an exotic fusion of galangal, toasted coconut, and lemongrass.  |  6.9% ABV

    • Ras Malai

      Dry| A collaboration with Blue Dream Curry House inspired by the traditional indian cheese dessert with saffron, pistachio, and whole cardamom pods. Creamy and Bright. Served on Nitro. *contains lactose* | 6% ABV

    • Umeshu

      Medium Dry | 6% ABV | A collaboration with Blue Dream Curry for their 3rd Anniversary.  Umeb0shi plums and shiso.  Plum forward with notes of lemon, basil, grass, and star anise.

    • Berry Series

      Seasonal, Semi-Sweet & Tart Balance

    • Bizarre Love Triangle

      Medium-Dry | Our take on chocolate covered strawberries. Cacao nibs, dark amber complexion, strawberry puree.  | 6.9% ABV

    • Black Hole

      Semi-Sweet | Blackberry, deep purple hue. | 6.0% ABV

    • Blue Monday

      Medium Sweet | Cider sweetened with cold pressed blueberries | 6.0% ABV

    • Elderberry Wise

      Dry| Sweetened with elderberry juice. | 6% ABV

    • Honeymoon Sweet

      Semi-Sweet | Slight citrus lime aroma, with a touch of strawberry flavor up front, followed by a hint of wildflower honey finish | 6% ABV

    • Kalikimaka

      Semi-Sweet | Holiday seasonal, infused w/ cranberry, bold & tart, beautiful red hue | 6.0% ABV| "Mele Kalikimaka" means Merry Christmas in Hawaiian

    • Mixed Berry

      Semi-Sweet | Blackberry/Raspberry combination | 6.0% ABV

    • Tainted Love

      Semi-Sweet | Raspberry | 6.0% ABV

    • Fruit & Herb Series

      Ciders infused with seasonal fruits and herbs

    • Almost Paradise

      Dry | Forbidden fruit yeast, black currant puree, and grains of paradise | 6.9%

    • April Skies

      Semi-Sweet | Tropical pineapple with subtle lavender aromatics | 6.9% ABV

    • Boys of Summer

      Semi-Sweet | Fresh watermelon with a minty finish. | 5% ABV

    • Buffalo Stance

      Dry to Bone Dry | Unfiltered, toasted coriander, fresh squeezed Valencia Orange Juice, suspended Wit Yeast | 6.9% ABV

    • Buffalo Stance (Grapefruit Edition)

      Dry to Bone Dry | Unfiltered, toasted coriander, fresh squeezed Ruby Red Grapefruit  Juice, suspended Wit Yeast | 6.9% ABV

    • Highgarden

      Dry | Infused with whole cantaloupe and lemongrass.  Light, melony, refreshing.| 5.5% ABV

    • ImPEACHmint

      Medium-dry |  Lightly infused with peach and fresh mint. | 6.9% ABV

    • Sunglasses at Night

      Semi-sweet | Strawberry and fresh basil infusion | Fruity and delicious| 6.0% ABV

    • Tangerine Turnpike

      Semi-Sweet | Tangerine, light lavender, Bee Charmer Wild Flower honey | 6.25% ABV

    • Specialty

      All styles not in a “Series"

    • Bananahemian Rhapsody

      Medium Dry | Our take on Bananas Foster in a cider. This cider is aged on used oak spirals from H&H Distillery's Rum and then infused with flambéed bananas. The sale of this cider benefits Asheville Music School. | 6.9% ABV

    • BeeBiscus

      Dry | Dried hibiscus flowers and Asheville Bee Charmer Orange Blossom Honey.  Cranberry-esque flavor from the hibiscus, citrus and herbal from the honey. | 6.5% ABV

    • Breakfast Club

      Surprisingly dry | Green apple with hints of cinnamon | 6.9% ABV

    • Cold Hearted Snake

      Bone Dry | Apricot Sour | Dark fruit notes, apricot tartness | 6.9% ABV

    • Covfefe

      Dry | Collaboration cider with Last Dance Cold Brew.  Coffee infused cider with a hint of vanilla and chocolate to round it out. Served on Nitro. | 6.9% ABV.

    • Disco Tea

      Dry | Infusion of juniper berries, light lavender, star anise, and lemon zest. Bontanical. | 6.9% ABV

    • Footloose

      Semi-Dry |Passionfruit and pear | TART, tropical, light and refreshing | 5.4% ABV

    • Fruit Salad

      Dry  |  A wild fermentation of apple juice, Cedar Grove organic blueberry juice, and hand-pressed watermelon juice cold fermented and finished off with a champagne yeast.  Funky, dry and fruity with some residual sweetness.  |  5.5% ABV

    • Glass Shark

      Medium Dry | Infused with European Cucumber slices with a hint of peach.  Refreshing | 5% ABV

    • Highland Cider

      Semi-Sweet | Pineapple, Grapefruit and Lime | 6% ABV

    • It Takes Two to Mango

      Medium Sweet | Tart, winey, tropical, mango! | 6.5%

    • Mish-Mash Frankenstein

      Dry | Watermelon, Citra Hops, Cran-Cinnamon, Passionfruit, Pear, Probably some other stuff | 6% ABV

    • Punch Dance

      Dry | Collaboration with White Labs and Bhramari Brewing. A mixed-culture cider with fermented with Pluots (75% plum & 25% apricot fruit hybrid) and a Saccharomyces Bruxellensis Trois yeast. Tart, slight funk, fruity. | 6.9% ABV

    • Space Cowboy

      Medium Dry | A cinnamon spiced cider with hints of peaches | 6.5% ABV

    • Sunspear

      Medium Dry | Cider with cherry and wild flower honey from the Asheville Bee Charmer. Fruity and floral. | 6.3% ABV

    • Thommy Two Knees

      Semi-Sweet | Fresh, Family grown persimmons | Ranges in sourness, soft mouthfeel | 6.9% ABV

    • Vacation Station

      Semi-Sweet | Tropical fruit cider | Guava, Kiwi & Mango | 5% ABV

    • Welcome to the Jungle

      Medium sweet |  Banana, mango, lychee, coconut, pink guava, kiwi, peach, & tamarind. | 6.4% ABV

    • Apples and Yeast

      Cider in its purest form. Nothing but fresh pressed juice and and interesting yeast strain.

    • Arid Apple

      Bone Dry |  6.9% ABV | A classic hard cider, white wine yeast, simply complex.

    • Cidre Nu

      Dry | Belgian Lambic, mildly phenolic, lightly effervescent | 5.3%

    • Forbidden Fruit

      Dry |  Straight up juice and yeast!  This cider is fermented with a Forbidden Fruit Yeast which produces spicy phenolics balanced with a smooth apple flavor and a lemony finish. | 6.9% ABV

    • Saison

      Bone Dry | Fermented with a Saison yeast.  Crisp apple with a slight farmhouse finish. | 6.9% ABV

    • Session

      Semi-Dry | Spontaneous Cold Fermentation | 4.25% ABV

    • White Labs Copenhagen Lager

      Dry | Collaboration cider with White Labs and Urban Orchard.  Come taste the beauty that is apples and yeast. |  6.9% ABV

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