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Chili Series

“Like nobody’s ever seen anything happen.” | Medium Sweet |  Blueberry, mango, and deseeded habaneros. | 6.5% ABV

Medium sweet| A one off of Bizarre Love Triangle. French Broad Chocolates Cacao Nibs, strawberries, dried pasilla and fresh scorpion peppers. It will start a fire in your heart!| 6% ABV

Dry | Dry-hopped with Citra Hops and infused with jalapeños.  Clean green pepper aroma, little to no spice, grapefruit finish | 6.9% ABV

Medium Dry |  White Labs lagering yeast, light mango with a tinge of spice from deseeded habanero peppers.|  6% ABV

Medium Sweet | Red Thai Chilies, local wildflower honey, and a hint of pineapple | 6.9%

Semi-Sweet | Hottest pepper, 2.2M Scoville Units, VERY spicy but balanced with sweet| 6.0% ABV

Semi-Dry | Fresh African Fatalii Peppers, cardamom, cold pressed blueberry juice| 6.5% ABV

Semi-Dry | Fresh Lemon Drop Peppers, lightly sweetened w/local honey, and locally foraged honeysuckle.  | 6.9% ABV

Dry | Cocoa Nibs and dried Mexican Pasilla peppers, light spice w/ tobacco finish and dark chocolate to the nose | 6.9% ABV

Semi-Sweet | Fresh habanero & vanilla, creeper spice | 6.0% ABV

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